Conan Exiles DLC: Isle of Siptah like new! Background

Conan Exiles DLC: Isle of Siptah like new!

March 16, 2021
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The DLC map Isle of Siptah received a lot of criticism when it was released in Early Access. Now it is getting a complete overhaul according to the wishes of the community. We are curious to see how the changes will be received. Find out what's new in the news.

The call was answered

Funcom used a survey to determine the biggest construction sites, and a large part of the community wanted the NPC camps that can be found on the standard map. Therefore, the entire map is now being rebuilt, not only new camps are being added, but also the vaults have been reworked to offer a better balance in the game experience.

Camps and settlements

As of today, new camps and settlements are springing up and repopulating the island. Unfortunately, anyone who has built their base on such a future camp point will lose out, as all buildings in the restricted area will be destroyed. To compensate for the loss of resources, however, every player currently receives a resource bonus with which more objects drop than usual.

Isle of Siptah Update 2.3

Other changes

The wild surges are no longer a threat, as they have been replaced with a mechanic already known from the game. With the purges and treasure chambers, which now find their way into Siptah, plenty of slaves can be added to one’s army and the new sprint attacks also polish up the combat system. Whether online or offline, Conan tries to optimise the DLC map for all game types.

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