Conan Exiles "Chapter 2" is coming Background

Conan Exiles "Chapter 2" is coming

November 28, 2022
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After the big overhaul with the "Age or Sorcery" update, fans will soon get new meat with the "Chapter 2" update. Everything we know so far in the news.

The story is evolving!

The developers have talked about the fact that with new chapters in the future, the story of the game (and the game world itself) will continue to evolve. This of course applies to "Chapter 2" as well. During the new chapter, you'll be able to participate in a "Witch Hunt" and collect heads, which can then be sacrificed for various rewards.

We are very excited to see where the story of Conan Exiles will go in the future.

New customization options

Besides all the story, we obviously can't forget about our fortresses. And the developers provide us with heaps of new elements for building fortresses, such as new walls, vines for walls, decorative items for the interior and exterior, and so much more. With these, everyone should be able to give their dwelling a new coat of paint.

New Battlepass, new rewards

With the "Age of Sorcery'' update, the Battlepass made its way into Conan Exiles and with "Chapter 2" there is of course also a new Battlepass with new rewards.

The developers have also said that completing the Battlepass will be easier, meaning you'll progress faster.

Your Conan Exiles Server at GPORTAL

It will take a while until "Chapter 2" launches, but in the meantime there is more than enough to do with the "Age of Sorcery" content. So get some friends by your side, rent a GPORTAL server and try to survive in this harsh world.

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