Counter-Strike 2 is coming! What we know so far Background

Counter-Strike 2 is coming! What we know so far

March 23, 2023
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After the rumors about a new Counter-Strike persisted for weeks, it is now official: Valve will launch the new Counter-Strike 2 in Summer 2023, which will replace the current CS:GO. The best part: The successor to CS:GO will be available for free. What we know so far about Counter-Strike 2, we will tell you here.

Everything new in Counter-Strike 2

Dynamic smoke grenades

So Counter-Strike 2 is the name of the successor for CS:GO and will be available for free starting this Summer. Above all, the technical innovations and upgrades are the heart of Counter-Strike 2. The smoke grenades are now much more dynamically designed and respond to light, shots and explosions - you can use this as a tactical benefit for you and your team.

Elimination of the tick rate

Another highlight of Counter-Strike 2 is the elimination of the annoying 64 ticks, which ended the one or other match unfairly and prematurely. After the update, movements and shots should be calculated independently of the tick rate and thus be able to be executed realistically and in real time.

Revamped maps

The third major change in Counter-Strike 2 forms the reworking and innovation of the previous maps. They look and act cleaner, brighter and even more realistic - this is of course mainly due to the graphics update in Counter-Strike 2 thanks to the rendering features in Source 2.

All important features at a glance:

  • Dynamic Smoke Grenades: the smoke grenades in Counter-Strike 2 develop a dynamic cloud of smoke that reacts to gunfire, light and external influences. The smoke passes through open windows and doors, making it more realistic than ever before
  • Elimination of tick rate: finally, no more messed up matches, because with Counter-Strike 2, movements and shots are executed in real time and independent of the tick rate
  • Revamped Maps: the previous maps in CS:GO will be reworked in Counter-Strike 2 and look even more realistic, cleaner and brighter
  • Items and skins from CS:GO in new splendor: don't panic, all your items and skins in CS:GO will be transferred to Counter-Strike 2 and even shine in new splendor
  • High-resolution effects: the visual effects in Counter-Strike 2 have been spruced up thanks to Source 2's lighting and particle system. There are new effects and behaviors for smoke, fire, water, explosions and more
  • Improved User Interface: the user interface in Counter-Strike 2 has been completely overhauled with new visual effects to freshen things up
  • Improved sound effects: the sounds and noises in Counter-Strike 2 have been reworked to make your surroundings more tangible and distinct - in addition, your opponents' shots and footsteps will be more accurately portrayed

So now that Valve has officially announced Counter-Strike 2, we are really extremely excited and cannot wait to experience all the upgrades of the CS:GO successor firsthand this summer.