Core Keeper - A new journey in the underground begins! Background

Core Keeper - A new journey in the underground begins!

November 15, 2022
3 minutes to read

We've been waiting a long time, but now the "Desert of Beginnings" update is here and players can discover new areas, interesting enemies and valuable treasures. Read the news to find out everything there is to know.

The Desert of Beginning

As the title of the update suggests, we are going to a new area underground, which is based on a desert setting - sand as far as the eye can see.

Of course, a new area also requires completely new enemies. Be it a giant scarab, hooded assassins or other creatures and monsters. You will have to face many new threats. But in the end, of course, new rewards and treasures await you for your efforts.

Quick facts:

  • Desert setting with Egyptian-like details
  • New enemies
  • New treasures
  • New community features like fishing from a boat and more
  • Many details, which the developers deliberately do not want to reveal, so that everyone has fun discovering them

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If there is an explorer in you, this update is the opportunity to satisfy your urge for discovery. What will you discover in the desert of beginning? Grab your friends, a GPORTAL server and go underground together to find out.

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