Enshrouded: "Melodies of the Mire": About daggers and magic arrows Background

Enshrouded: "Melodies of the Mire": About daggers and magic arrows

June 20, 2024
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The major "Melodies of the Mire" update for Enshrouded has not only brought a really nice new area called "Blackmire" to the game, but also a few smaller changes that will benefit players which skilled into "dexterity" in particular. We take a closer look at the changes.

“Melodies of the Mire” update

But first, let's take a quick look at the update and the content it contains.

We travel to the new "Blackmire" region, which not only welcomes us with a lot of Vukah, but also with sticky and steaming swamps that we would rather not get into. Especially not because there are also nasty lizards hanging around and wanting to get at us.

The zone is designed for levels 13-15, so not only endgame players are welcome. But regardless of your own equipment, you should still be careful, as the swamps can knock you out very quickly if you spend too long in them. Jumping regularly (or at least trying to) will keep you from sinking immediately. So if there's a larger swamp area ahead of you, go ahead and venture in... Or don't you dare?

In the new area, you'll not only find the new bard in a temple, but you'll soon stumble across new loot drops such as a few fancy daggers. But you might be wondering why you should use daggers when you already have a big sword or a fancy bow?


New weapon type: Daggers

Daggers are not only the favorite tool for rogues and a good replacement for kitchen knives, but they fill a big gap in the current weapon system of Enshrouded.

If you've been playing a fighter with a sword and shield who relies mainly on constitution and strength, then you won't be able to do much with the new daggers. They are smaller than your beautiful sword, don't allow you to use a shield and simply don't scale with strength, so they make much less sense for a fighter.

If, on the other hand, you are gifted with magic, then you can do without any "normal" weapons anyway and prefer to hurl fireballs and ice bolts around you. Admittedly, this is also much cooler than swords and daggers.

But if you've ever set off with a bow, you may have found yourself in an unfavorable position: Namely with an enemy right in front of your face. In such situations, your beloved bow is only of limited use. Your previous tactic was either to "kite" enemies (run away, shoot, run away, shoot, etc. ...), find elevations where enemies get stuck so that you can shoot them with arrows in peace, or you drew your sword, mace or axe and struck in close combat.

However, in the latter scenario in particular, you quickly realize that you unfortunately do no damage with your melee weapon, as you have not skilled in strength, but in dexterity. And this is where the daggers come into play. Just like the bow, they scale with your dexterity. So you can concentrate on ranged combat, but still have a pretty good alternative for close combat in a pinch, but you should also be aware that you can't use a shield, so you don't have much to offer defensively. Daggers are very fast and have high damage spikes. There are also a few new skills in the talent tree that increase your dagger damage even further.

And did we mention that some of the designs of the new daggers are really very stylish? Here are a few examples.

The magic ice arrow

Another rather annoying problem of archers is the constant need for new arrows. Warriors just keep hitting without needing a supply of arrows, mages slowly regenerate their mana, which they need for their spells, but if you have no more arrows as an archer, then you have no more arrows and can no longer shoot. In 99% of situations this is a disadvantage and sooner or later inevitably leads to a longer run back to your own corpse.

However, the new "Melodies of the Mire" update provides a remedy here too, namely with a magic ice arrow. Wondering what's so special about it? Well, as it is magical, it is not consumed when used. So you have virtually infinite arrows as soon as you find it.


But before you start jumping for joy, there are of course a few disadvantages that you should bear in mind:

  • The magic ice arrow is generally much weaker than crafted arrows
  • It deals ice damage, which is ineffective against some enemies (but very effective against others)
  • Shooting ice arrows consumes mana (but there is a skill that gives you mana back per crit with a bow)

So you won't be able to completely dispense entirely over normal arrows, but every archer will still feel a huge relief as soon as they have one in their hand and it's not particularly hard to find either.

After rescuing the bard, you will receive a quest from her that will lead you to the location where you found it. From then on, you can easily defeat "unimportant" mobs with arrows, especially when traveling through the game world, without having to worry that you will have used up your entire supply of arrows before you reach your actual destination.

And who knows ... in the future we might get even more magical arrow variants so that we can also cover our opponents with fire arrows, for example.


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