Enshrouded “Melodies of the Mire” Update is here! Background

Enshrouded “Melodies of the Mire” Update is here!

June 5, 2024
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We have explored and plundered the Hollow Halls, but now Enshrouded draws us into a completely new region, the Blackmire, that is both beautiful and deadly. What secrets are hidden there?

Map size almost doubled

We always wondered in which direction the Enshrouded map would expand, but now we know: to the north, across the entire width of the map. A huge new area opens up, almost doubling the size of the in-game map.

A strange voice, a kind of chant, sounds in your head and calls to you. You enter the new region via an entrance at the top left of the “old map” and this leads you down into a primeval jungle-like region with huge trees, a kind of tar swamp and a seemingly sunken old city, or at least the ruins of one. In these ruins, you will not only find new monsters and new loot, but also a new NPC that you can recruit, a bard.

Many new features and QoL adjustments

In addition to a gigantic new region to explore, the update also brings a lot of cool new features.

For example, there is now a transmog system for armor. This means that you can overwrite your current armor with the look of another armor so that you still have the stats of your main armor but the look of a different one. You can also hide your head and hands completely. So the world can finally admire your character's face.

But of course there is more. Other new features are:

  • You can now play various instruments (once you have found the Bard NPC)
  • There are daggers as a new weapon type (rogues will be happy)
  • There is a new “role” system for your server (more about this in our Wiki)
  • Much more!

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