Huge content update #1 for Enshrouded "Hollow Halls" Background

Huge content update #1 for Enshrouded "Hollow Halls"

March 26, 2024
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Surprise! The Enshrouded devs must have thought so, with the surprise drop of today's content update for Enshrouded. Let's take a look at exactly what's inside - spoilers: A lot!

Descend into the "Hollow Halls"

One of the highlights of the content update is certainly the so-called "Hollow Halls", which you can now find in every biome. It is a kind of dungeon. But what awaits you down there?

First of all, a quest from the alchemist will lead you into these underground halls. There you will encounter new enemies and their treasures. You will also be able to find a new "survivor" down there, who will then move into your home. Who is this survivor and what does he do for you? You'll have to find out for yourself.

As a matter of fact, there is a new crafting station with new recipes. You can also look forward to new weapons, building blocks, furniture and decorations. Grab your GPORTAL server right away and explore the secrets of the "Hollow Halls".

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New recipes from old friends

Even old friends have something new for you. Emily the gardener, for example, now also offers pots for your plants. By the way, there are now also more seeds for trees so that you can grow them specifically. Dilit now also offers rounded doors and windows. New possibilities for the perfect home.

A better life in the Shroud

The developers have added a lot of new features and several QoL improvements that make life in Embervale twice as good.

Here is a selection:

  • Players can now sit on benches and the like
  • Sharing stacks has been simplified
  • The loot menu has been optimized
  • The creepy microspiders can be deactivated (YAY!)
  • Materials in Magic Chests can now also be used for crafting stations
  • The village "Willow Crush" has been completely reworked and many other regions have also been adjusted
  • Items can now be crafted in whole stacks
  • Sharing items between players has been improved
  • New ping options for the world map
  • Button mapping for jumping and gliding can now be individually customized

In addition, there is an almost endless list of bug fixes and optimizations, from various bugs to optimized performance and new options for graphics settings.

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Embervale is calling you and the "Hollow Halls" beckon with new loot and dangers. Face the new enemies and dangers on your GPORTAL server with the best and most reliable hardware. Get your friends by your side and free Embervale from the Shroud and all the nasty monsters. May the flame be with you.

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