Discover the world of Embervale in Enshrouded Background

Discover the world of Embervale in Enshrouded

January 25, 2024
one minute read

The day has finally arrived. Developer Keen Games GmbH brings us Enshrouded, a fantastic survival action RPG for up to 16 players on a voxel basis, in which all freedoms are open to you and as an official partner we are now offering you our fast servers!

GPORTAL as official hoster

Here at GPORTAL, we are thrilled to be the first hosting company to offer you servers for Enshrouded so that you and your friends can set off to discover the fascinating world of Embervale.

But that's not all. We also provide the official servers for Enshrouded so that every player can benefit from the best performance and enjoy the game at its best.

You are a Flameborn

A man-made disaster in the past has brought the world to the brink and unleashed a plague. Discover the vast world of Embervale and explore its secrets. You can expect tough bosses, crafting and a highly refined RPG skill system.

As the game world is based on a voxel system, you can "terraform" it as you wish and create structures that you can decorate down to the last detail. You also have a wide range of materials at your disposal so that you can customize the aesthetics of your base to your liking.

Fight your way through the dangerous game world with weapons and tactics. Do you prefer sword, bow and arrow or magic? Thanks to the many different weapons and the level and skill system, you can develop your character however you like.

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It's time, Flameborn, grab your GPORTAL server for Enshrouded and travel to this ruined world and discover all the secrets that lie beneath the surface. With awesome servers ready for an awesome adventure!

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