Farming Simulator 22 Server-Pre-Sale Background

Farming Simulator 22 Server-Pre-Sale

September 19, 2021
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It won't be long before it's finally here, the new Farming Simulator 22 from Giants Software. We can hardly wait to finally cultivate our fields again with the many detailed tractors and other agricultural machines. And today we have some special news for you.

Pre-order a Farming Simulator 22 Server

Server-Pre-Sale at GPORTAL

So let’s talk about the special news. To sweeten up the waiting time until the release, we can announce that we can now offer servers in advance for the release day in November. So you can jump on your tractor and start playing right away. So put on your boots, get your friends and get ready: It’s going to get dirty!

Crossplay for PC and console

What you can also look forward to is the cross-play function. This allows you to play together with your friends independently of PC or console and thus manage a large field empire. The only exception is Stadia, which as of today only works with the PC version.

Farming Simulator 22 Gameplay-Trailer

Farm life has never been more beautiful!

But what exactly has changed in the Farming Simulator 22? One of the biggest changes might be the seasons, which are now part of the game and no longer have to be added separately via mods. Depending on the current season, you will face different challenges that need to be mastered. In addition, the game comes with two completely new maps (one of them, based on France) and the reworked Alpine map.

Last but not least, there are the new production chains and the new factory system. For example, once you’ve gathered your wheat, you’re now faced with the choice of selling it directly or processing it into flour instead. This process may bring you a greater profit, and if that’s still not enough for you, then turn the flour into baked goods for the local baker. It is up to you.

Pre-order Farming Simulator 22 at GPORTAL

You can’t wait to get started right at the release and test all the new features? Then pre-order your own server today! As soon as the game is released in November, you will get immediate access to your pre-ordered server!

Pre-order a Farming Simulator 22 Server