Frozen Flame - Open Beta Weekend Background

Frozen Flame - Open Beta Weekend

October 28, 2022
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The developers at Dreamside Interactive are hosting an open beta weekend for Frozen Flame for anyone who would like to try out the game. All info about it in the news.

What is “Frozen Flame”?

At its heart, Frozen Flame is a survival adventure with RPG elements and a stylish and charming graphic style as you guide your character through a dangerous, fractured world.

A lot has happened since Steam Survival Fest a few months ago, and the developers have received and implemented heaps of feedback. The biggest, but by no means the only, changes you'll notice are in the areas of game onboarding, character progression, abilities and spells, and finding your objective.

Anyone can participate

The open beta runs from October 28 (will be unlocked throughout the day) to October 30. Access can be easily requested by anyone using the appropriate button on the game's Steam page.

Once the beta starts and access is granted, the game can be downloaded and launched via Steam.

Your Frozen Flame Server at GPORTAL

Of course we offer servers for the Open Beta weekend, so you can dive into this exciting new world with your friends. We wish you a lot of fun!

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