Frozen Flame now available from us Background

Frozen Flame now available from us

October 1, 2020
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Are you ready for the mysteries and magical artifacts scattered throughout the detailed world? Then get your own Frozen Flame Server now!

Discover the magical world of Frozen Flame

Discover and conquer the magical world of dragons. The new early access game Frozen Flame begins its journey and is a promising multiplayer RPG that adds a great role-playing experience to the survival genre. Using the magic of the Flame and many customizable weapons, you will face epic bosses and nasty monsters. Build your own base and team up with other players to stop the evil.

Countless possibilities in PvE and PvP

With the power of the flame you can develop your character and learn new magic skills. Build entire settlements in the high-level area, tame numerous creatures and explore new areas and dungeons. For PvP fans there is the possibility to join an order and fight in their endless wars. Each order offers individual quests and rewards.

Frozen Flame Trailer

Your own Frozen Flame Server

With your own server from GPORTAL you can explore and conquer the colorful world together with your friends. Will you find the epic artifacts and unlock the secrets? Get the promising game fun now, fast and easy!

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