Press, wrap, repeat - the FS 22 Göweil Pack Background

Press, wrap, repeat - the FS 22 Göweil Pack

March 21, 2023
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The start of the year will be special again for you as a farming enthusiast thanks to the new Göweil Pack from Farming Simulator 22. Look forward to nine new machines and vehicles to advance your bale production.

More bundled power

The Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer finds its way into virtual farming for the first time and provides new ways to play and more variety with the new machines. Besides grass, hay and straw, you can process additional raw materials into bales, such as beet pulp or mixed feed. Increase the quality of your bales and use, for example, the Göweil 1015 to wrap, stack and transport the bales with just one machine.

You know that moment when you've just finished baling and suddenly you see them rolling down the road? The everlasting running after them is history with the Göweil RBG and BTGQU, because these two bale grabs and bale forks give you great support in keeping the bales in place and transporting them. Another loving detail for the connoisseurs is the new foil wrapping, which is used with the corresponding raw materials from now on.

A listing of the new machines and vehicles:

  • Göweil LT-Master F115
  • Göweil VARIO-Master V140
  • Göweil G-1 F125
  • Göweil G-1 F125 Combi
  • Göweil G1015
  • Göweil G4010Q Professional
  • Göweil G5020
  • Göweil RBG
  • Göweil BTGQU

Note: Owners of the Year 2 Season Pass will receive the Göweil Pack for free on the day of release. In addition to the Göweil Pack, the Year 2 Season Pass includes three more packs throughout the year and even a Big Expansion with a new map towards the end of 2023! Get the FS 22 Year 2 Season Pass here.

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