Farming Simulator 22 - "Horsch AgroVation Pack" Background

Farming Simulator 22 - "Horsch AgroVation Pack"

July 25, 2023
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Giants Software won't let us rest and once again brings a DLC pack, this time focusing on the manufacturer Horsch and its machines, which are known primarily for careful soil cultivation.

New AgroVation map

Together with the 14 new machines of the DLC pack, a new map is also added to the game, which highlights the advantages of Horsch machines. By the way, the map is modeled after Kněžmost (Czech Republic).

New cultivation machines

Below is a short list of the 14 new machines from Horsch:

  • CULTRO 12 TC
  • FINER 6 SL
  • TIGER 8 MT
  • JOKER 8 RT
  • PARTNER 1600 FT
  • TARO 6 SL
  • AVATAR 12.25 SD
  • MAESTRO 9.75 RX
  • MAESTRO 24.50 SV
  • CURA 24 ST

Even more content in 2023

The year for Farming Simulator 22 is far from over. We already know that there will be much more content this year. First, another pack called "Emergency Pack" will be released, where you can do tasks with the fire department, such as extinguishing a bale fire. Currently this pack, which is actually a mod, is in beta on PC and will be rolled out to all platforms later this year.

And in November comes the big bang with the Premium Edition, which among other things brings another new map and tons of additional content into the game. So we are far from done with 2023 and fans can look forward to exciting content.

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