FS 22 - Increase the efficiency on your farm Background

FS 22 - Increase the efficiency on your farm

August 24, 2022
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Thanks to the new Vermeer Pack and ERO-Grapeliner DLCs for Farming Simulator 22, you'll be able to boost the efficiency of your production with a new vehicle and new machines.

Vermeer Pack DLC

The most significant new feature from the DLC will probably be the ZR5-1200 baler. Thanks to the so-called "zero-turn" maneuverability and with the best comfort, you will produce bales in the shortest time. Since you don't need a tractor for the baler and it has a high transport speed, it virtually runs itself.

Trailer of the Vermeer Pack DLC

ERO-Grapeliner DLC

And just in time for the start of the grape harvest season, the new ERO Grapeliner Series 7000 also comes into action. The grape harvester works highly efficiently and very carefully. In addition, you have the best overview of your harvest in the machine, combined with the very best comfort.

Gallery of the ERO Grapeliner

All new vehicles and machines in a quick overview

  • Vermeer ZR5-1200
  • Vermeer TM 1410
  • Vermeer R2800
  • Vermeer 605N
  • Vermeer BPX9010
  • ERO-Grapeliner Series 7000

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