Pumps 'n Hoses Pack FS 22 - Slurry in abundance Background

Pumps 'n Hoses Pack FS 22 - Slurry in abundance

September 27, 2022
one minute read

The Pumps 'n Hoses Pack by Creative Mesh for Farming Simulator 22 is here. With it, a total of over 30 machines and equipment from the companies Schouten, Stallkamp and BvL enter the game.

Upgrade your farm

With brand new and configurable biogas systems, slurry separation and slurry hosing, you can upgrade and optimally expand your farm.

New buildings, equipment and machinery expand the novel gameplay features for FS 22 and ensure that the infrastructure of your raw material storage and slurry spreading is optimized.

Biogas systems, slurry separation and slurry hoses

Configure your biogas systems according to your wishes and preferences and place different modules of the systems dynamically around the main system.

With the slurry separation, you can get the best out of your slurry! Separate the liquid and solid components and use them individually for a versatile application on your farm.

Fertilize most beneficially by connecting combinable hoses of different lengths with ultra-light injectors on your tractor.

Insight into the new equipment and machines

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