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GPORTAL Deadside Server are out now!


From the house of "Bad Pixel" comes Deadside, the new hardcore multiplayer shooter, which will see the light of day on 14.04.2020. Based on the Unreal Engine 4, Deadside offers a gigantic, open world with 225 square kilometres and wide open spaces full of dense forests and abandoned settlements.

Dense, terrifying atmosphere

The game fully relies on a realistic game environment with a dense atmosphere of hopelessness and despair. The balance between the dynamics of the shooter game and the challenges of a survival game makes Deadside a unique experience.

Contrary to the trend, the developers focus on realism: Neither zombies nor anomalies - the game world with the ruins of the dead civilisation alone is enough to make the player tremble with fear.

Realistic weapons are the means of choice to protect your own life.


Explore the wilderness

For early access, 25 square kilometres of land with a network of roads and rivers are available.

Deadside also provides various vehicles to explore the area by land and sea. These need to be refuelled and repaired. So it's all about good resource management!

  • Realistic survival horror shooter
  • Dense, realistic atmosphere without fantasy elements
  • 225 square kilometers of wilderness (25 square kilometers at release)
  • Friendly and hostile NPCs
  • Realistic weapon handling

Friend or foe?

The dense game world is inhabited by various enemy and friendly NPCs. Cannibals in the forest and wanderers in settlements compete for food and survival.

Whether these encounters are survived depends solely on skill - eat or be eaten.


Deadside Trailer


Deadside Server from GPORTAL

From now on we offer Deadside Server in our Gamecloud for PC.

Deadside Server PC



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