The big GPORTAL summer sale begins! Background

The big GPORTAL summer sale begins!

July 5, 2024
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The summer is getting hot, and with our game servers it will be even hotter! Get a 15% discount on all new gameservers (except Xbox App) and take your gaming fun to a new level.

15% discount on all* new servers

Whether Palworld, Enshrouded, Minecraft, V Rising, Valheim or whatever else you fancy, with our sale you have the free choice and always get the best servers on the market - lightning fast, reliable and top hardware for the best possible gaming experience.

Browse through our huge server selection now, save 15% on your server and get started right away! Don't hesitate too long, because our sale only runs until July 14, 2024 12:59 CEST.

Browse through our gameservers and save 15%

*Servers via Xbox App are excluded from the sale


Steam Summer Sale

Don't forget that the Summer Sale is also currently running on Steam and you can still get huge discounts on all kinds of games until July 11. We have listed a few highlights for you here.

  • V Rising -30%
  • Palworld -25%
  • Enshrouded -20%
  • Conan Exiles -75%
  • Core Keeper -40%
  • Valheim -50%
  • RUST -33%
  • Landwirtschafts-Simulator 22 -50%
  • Sons of the Forest -33%
  • And many more!

Get your 15% discount on your new server now!

With the GPORTAL Summer Sale AND the Steam Summer Sale you have the best opportunity to try out new games with your friends or community. Grab your new GPORTAL game server now (Xbox server excluded) and start playing immediately.

Browse through our gameservers and save 15%