Ground Branch - tactical shooter with enormous possibilities for optimization Background

Ground Branch - tactical shooter with enormous possibilities for optimization

September 28, 2021
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Loaded and unlocked, the fight begins, you storm the battlefield full of adrenaline, you already spot your first target, put on the gun and pull the trigger! You hear footsteps behind you… what will you do? Find out and plan your next tactics in Ground Branch!

Tactical solo shooter or in a team

You can choose to face the missions alone, and either find laptops on the map or track down and eliminate terrorists. You can also join your team and fight against the AI, or take on the challenge of measuring yourself against other players. It’s up to you!

Ground Branch Trailer

Customization for anyone

Unlike many other tactical shooters, Ground Branch offers a very comprehensive optimization of equipment and weapons. For example, the individual slots on the protective vest can be exchanged, depending on which equipment you want to have in the fight. This is not only visible visually, but also has an effect on the fight later on.

Likewise, visors and other accessories can be placed on the weapon either further towards the front on the grid points or further back. This makes the game unique with their optimization options and each player is able to customize their combat equipment in real detail to their own needs.

Ground Branch server at GPORTAL

Here we go, the target is already in sight! Are you ready to enter the battlefield with your comrades? Then equip yourself now with your own server and set it up as you like. Target locked… launch!

Ground Branch server hosting