October 30, 2023
one minute read

The spooky season is in full swing and we are approaching the peak of Halloween. And to give you a nice shiver down your spine in the coming days, we give you tips for cool Halloween ingame events and the Halloween STEAM SALE running from October 26 - November 2.


The following games are currently available for your Halloween session. The sale runs from October 26th until November 2nd.

7 Days to Die - 76%
V Rising - 20%
Dayz - 40%
Project Zomboid - 33%
Space Engineers - 75%
Sons of the Forest - 20%
The Forest - 75%

A special treat in V Rising

Whether it's Halloween or not, the world of V Rising is always creepy, spooky and dangerous. But of course, as a seasoned vampire, you don't mind, do you?

But how about spicing up your castle halls with some Halloween flair? Pumpkin lamps, tables with scary decorations and more can currently be found in the FREE DLC "Haunted Nights Castle Pack".

Grab it quickly and get ready for the coming witching hour.


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Hunting monsters in DayZ

Attention survival fans: The world in DayZ is getting even more dangerous and creepy than it already is. The popular "spooky zones" are back. So you'd better dress warmly before exploring them, if you dare to venture into the dense fog at all. Muahahaha.

In these zones you will meet some special enemies like the pumpkin infected and mummies (yes, mummies). You'll also meet other "friends" there, but for that you'll have to go into the zones yourself.

As you explore the map, keep your eyes peeled for Halloween decorations and cosmetic items that are perfect for the spooky season. The question remains: will you survive the scary hour? Find out.


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Movie night with Survive the Nights

Our friends at a2z Interactive are hosting a movie night with you in their Halloween event for Survive the Nights - no joke. You can go with your friends to a nearby drive-in theater and watch the zombie classic "Night of the Living Dead" in full length. And that's not all, because NATURALLY you should watch out during the movie that you don't get chewed on by zombies yourself, when several waves of these slithering fiends want to disturb you during the spectacle.

This is definitely a Halloween event of a different kind and you shouldn't miss it.

By the way, after nightfall you should also check the doors of the neighborhood, where you will find an interesting door knocker. Do you dare to use it? Trick or treat!


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Scary cute decorations in Core Keeper

Core Keeper may have a super cute pixel look, but that doesn't mean it can't get a little spooky. The developers at Pugstorm are kicking off their annual Halloween event and you're invited to join in the festivities.

Be sure to stop by your local seasonal retailer and see what great stuff they have in store. The Samhain workbench should also catch your attention and of course you'll find all the other great things from last year. So whether it's your first time visiting the Halloween event at Core Keeper, or you're already a regular, it's worth stopping by.


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Scary Halloween with GPORTAL servers

No matter if you go to the movie night in Survive the Nights, relax in Core Keeper with the cute pixel look, fight for your survival in DayZ or travel as a vampire through the eternally scary world of V Rising, with your GPORTAL server you are well prepared for the best time of the year.

No matter how you end up spending the coming days, the GPORTAL team wishes you some nice spooky hours.