Hell Let Loose: Realistic WWII Ego-Shooter Background

Hell Let Loose: Realistic WWII Ego-Shooter

May 14, 2019
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Open battles with 100 players as infantry soldier, in tank, artillery with a shifting front line - this and more awaits you in Hell Let Loose.

Hell Let Loose is a realistic first person shooter that takes you into the battles of World War II. Fight as infantry soldier, tank commander or take control of powerful artillery units.

During each battle the front line moves dynamically. Your skills are challenged in every battle. You also have to secure your back-up paths so that your unit doesn’t run out of material. The maps are based on real scouting and satellite data, and the Black Matter Pty Ltd development studio has divided the maps into large and captureable sectors. You fight on bridges, fields, forests and villages against 50 other players.

In Hell Let Loose, two teams of 50 players compete against each other. Each player chooses from one of 12 playable roles. You choose your own style and influence the match directly. As an officer you command your squad and capture tactically important points on the map. Would you like to sneak around and provide your unit with information? The “Scout” class will provide you with the necessary equipment.

As a paramedic, you’ll treat your injured comrade, who has tried his hand as a MG gunner, while the pioneers pave the way for tanks. The core gameplay of Hell Let Loose is realism: historical vehicles, weapons and uniforms have been recreated in great detail, and the battles are bloody and brutal with the Unreal 4 engine.

Unique Metagameplay

Hell Let Loose is not about the kill/death ratio or unlockable features, it’s about teamwork. Without communication you will not be victorious with your unit. The interaction between officers and their commanders is crucial.

The main features of Hell Let Loose:

  • Fight in epic 50-against-50 multiplayer battles
  • Choose one of 14 unique rolls
  • Controls a whole range of vehicles – from the fearsome “Panther” to the simple Jeep
  • Bombs the enemy and sweeps him off the field with heavy weapons such as anti-tank cannons and artillery.
  • Build defenses on the battlefield to fortify your positions
  • Fight as a team to break enemy frontlines and gain victory
  • Play the game as a commander and lead your team to victory by using different abilities while directing your forces via the tactical map.

Hell Let Loose Trailer