ICARUS discovers “New Frontiers” Background

ICARUS discovers “New Frontiers”

August 24, 2023
one minute read

The developers at RocketWerkz release "New Frontiers", an expansion for ICARUS, which takes us to a new map with new challenges.

The unknown awaits you

An area previously kept largely under wraps by the UDA is finally revealed. A wild, alien-like world unlike anything you've experienced in ICARUS before.

Volcanic activity, muddy swamps and many creatures in the shadows. Head to new areas in the new expansion in search of treasure and a whistleblower the UDA has sent you after.

What will you find?

  • New map with new biomes
  • New weather and environmental effects
  • Wild and untouched flora and fauna
  • 6 new story missions
  • Heaps of new items, sets and resources
  • And more …

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