Icarus - Survival from the DayZ creator Background

Icarus - Survival from the DayZ creator

December 9, 2022
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In December 2021, DayZ creator Dean Hall released his new hardcore survival title "Icarus". Unlike its zombie predecessor, Icarus offers us a completely different setting and entirely new gameplay mechanics.

Human failure "Planet Wolf1061CA"

DayZ was a great success and gathered many fans around it. With Icarus, Dean Hall makes another attempt to create a great survival experience. The core gameplay of the game revolves around a session-based mission PvE system.

Planet Wolf1061CA, better known as Icarus, was supposed to become a new home, but humanity turned it into a disaster. You are a prospector looking for valuable resources. To do this, you'll fly down to the hostile planet and in a given time you'll have to take care of your safe shelter, find the raw materials and be back at your landing point in time to return to the orbital station.

On Icarus you can expect …

  • Survival aimed more at experienced and hardcore players
  • Session-based PvE survival that keeps you constantly on your toes
  • Impressive, immersive graphics in different biomes
  • Great weather effects (rain, wind, thunderstorms, etc. ...)
  • Always new challenges through several missions
  • Play alone or together with your friends
  • Different perks for singleplayer and groups

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