Kingdom of Atham - Save a broken world Background

Kingdom of Atham - Save a broken world

January 10, 2022
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With their debut work, the developers of Sofa Mauve Studios Inc. deliver a new MMO survival crafting sandbox with RPG elements in a Dark Fantasy world, in which the player sets out to free it from corruption.

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Become a champion

The world of Atham is on the edge after a devastating event, and it’s up to champions like you to save it. As a human, dryad or savage, you’ll have to roam the lands and push back the darkness. On the way to saving the land, there is much to do:

  • Explore a vast open world
  • Practice melee and ranged combat or use magic
  • Fight corruption and various monsters
  • Create your own home
  • Survive in a hostile environment
  • Join forces with other players or fight against them (PvP)
  • And more …

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Find the pieces of the crown

Your great goal is to locate the remaining parts of the destroyed crown in order to reunite them. Only in this way can peace be restored to Atham. How you achieve this goal is up to you and your potential allies in the end. Create your own story.

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