Last Oasis - A nomadic adventure awaits you! Background

Last Oasis - A nomadic adventure awaits you!

August 3, 2021
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Once again, an apocalypse has forced you to fight for your survival. As the west of the country is increasingly reduced to ashes, your only option is to flee to the east. Now you have to survive with what is left. Are you up to the nomadic life?

The past and the future

The earth is no longer what it once was. After it came to a standstill, it divided into two deadly zones of ice and burning heat. Only a small area in between, which is in constant motion, still provides the necessary conditions for survival. So you have no choice but to live the life of a nomad.

Last Oasis Trailer

The Walker

To cope with the constant wanderings, you have a walker at your disposal. The machine is your new home and you can expand and upgrade the mobile base, depending on what you find in the world and how long you survive in the survival MMO. So collect raw materials and craft what you need to adapt to the new world.

Together and in crossplay

You can decide for yourself whether you want to travel the world alone or whether you want to bring your friends along. If you get a server for Last Oasis at GPORTAL, you can even play in cross-play between Steam, the Microsoft Store and Xbox, simply activate the cross-play function in the basic settings.

Last Oasis Server at GPORTAL

We are happy to announce the availability of servers for Last Oasis. Together with your friends you can now explore the wasteland of Last Oasis and fight for survival. Do you want to try out the nomadic life? Then get your own server now.

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