Memories of Mars Server for PC, XBOX and PS4! Background

Memories of Mars Server for PC, XBOX and PS4!

March 9, 2020
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In Memories of Mars you take on the role of a clone on Mars. The dream of mining resources on Mars and colonizing the red giant has failed. 100 years later you fight for survival on the hostile Martian soil. Together with your friends you explore the wasteland, build a base and face countless dangers.

Exploration and discoveries

Over 16km² of the Mars landscape can be built on, explored and conquered. Deserts, craters, canyons and mountains always present you with new challenges. During the exploration you will learn more about what led to the retreat of the former settlers. More than 120 sights offer varied moments. Among other things you will discover: abandoned cities, mines, industrial plants and biodomes.

Survival on Mars

In addition to discovery and exploration, Memories of Mars also requires you to pay attention to the basic needs of each clone: Food and drink. Resources are needed to make the equipment, which can then be produced in a 3D printer. The functions of the printer are manifold: From functional modules to impressive fortresses, almost everything can be produced with the 3D printer.

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