Minecraft 1.16 brings pig people into the game Background

Minecraft 1.16 brings pig people into the game

June 25, 2020
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The Nether is full of new discoveries! With Minecraft 1.16, a lot of new content has found its way into the game since June 23, 2020.

With the new update, the Nether dimension has been expanded. Both the Bedrock and the Java version will receive the update. New to the game are the so-called “Piglins” – the cute, sometimes a bit hostile pigmies are totally into gold! Wearers of golden armor should be careful. Or maybe friendships are more likely to be made when wearing gold armor? Find out for yourself from now on. The new Minecraft update is available on the GPORTAL servers!

The most important new features of the Minecraft 1.16 Update:

  • More Nether Biome: With the Crimson Forest, the Nether gets a completely new biome, which is especially characterized by its reddish mushroom plants.
  • Nasty pig people: With the Piglins, there is a new and somewhat capricious faction. They’re usually quite aggressive on the road, but they’ll (usually) leave you alone if you wear golden armor.
  • Dangerous Creatures: With the Hoglins, Zoglins and Striders there are three new creatures. The first two are especially dangerous and can throw you through the air.
  • Remote Switch: A new target block activates Redstone circuits when you hit it with an arrow.
  • Netherite disappears: The material for Minecraft’s finest equipment has disappeared. In the future, the only way to get Netherite is to recycle ancient debris.
  • New Blocks and Items: There is a whole new range of blocks and items, each with its own unique properties. A list of them can be found in the Minecraft Wiki.Minecraft-Wiki.

Soundtrack Update

With the new update, there are 20 minutes of new songs by Lena Raine, who is known for the musical accompaniment to the game “Celeste”, among other things.

Minecraft 1.16 is now available on all GPORTAL serversRent a Minecraft Server