Minecraft update 1.20 is coming soon! Background

Minecraft update 1.20 is coming soon!

May 23, 2023
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We don't have to wait much longer. Mojang hasn't announced an official date yet, but it really can't take much longer. Minecraft 1.20, also known as "Trails and Tales" comes with several new features.

Update 1.20 is called "Trails and Tales

For a long time, the community had to speculate about what name the new Minecraft update 1.20 will have. With new features, there were always new ideas and suggestions, but now we finally know the name: "Trails and Tales". And the update lives up to its name. With a lot of new features that boost your creativity and give you more ways to express yourself (e.g. with the armor customization), coupled with the new "profession" archaeology as well as the nice and warm cherry blossom biome, it has everything to become one of the best updates for Minecraft ever. Let's take a closer look at the most important features.


The new Cherry Blossom biome

One of the most surprising and at the same time popular additions is the brand new Cherry Blossom biom. Japanese cherry blossoms (also called sakura) are just the splash of color the Minecraft world needed. A dreamy biome dipped in pink with bunnies and bees jumping around. There won't be a special mob spawn in the biome, unfortunately, but it's definitely worth seeing as a visual change.


On a discovery tour with archaeology

We've waited a long time for this, and now archaeology is finally making its way into the Minecraft game world. But what exactly do you do as an archaeologist? There are 2 new types of blocks to find in the game world: suspicious sand and suspicious gravel blocks.

These blocks can be found in desert ruins, ruins under water (monuments) or the new "Trail Ruins". The latter you have to dig up first before you can explore them.

You can then extract shard pieces from the blocks, which you can combine to create pretty pots. Currently, there are 20 different unique designs with which you can decorate your home.


Bamboo, books and signs

The 1.20 update for Minecraft brings a lot of new options with which you can build and decorate. There is the new building material bamboo, with which you can create all the usual blocks that you could previously create with normal wood, for example: Boats, signs, walls, switches and much more.

Bookshelves also get a nice makeover, as you can now store books in them and finally use them for what they were meant for.

And not to forget, signs can be hung in the future and even several signs can be attached to each other. In addition, you can also edit signs that have already been labeled.

New mobs

Thankfully, the game world is also getting livelier with the addition of 2 new mob types. There is the Sniffer, the winner of the 2022 mob voting. This rather large and bulky mob moves quite slowly and is always on the lookout for flower seeds in its environment. Fittingly, you can see how his nose "gets longer" when he is sniffing.


The second new mob is the camel, which you can now find in desert areas and the best thing about it is undoubtedly that you can use it as a mount. Moreover, when it needs rest, it will lie down and relax. Since the desert regions have been rather sparse so far, we are happy about the addition.

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