The mobs for the Minecraft Live 2023 are revealed Background

The mobs for the Minecraft Live 2023 are revealed

October 6, 2023
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On October 15, the annual Minecraft Live Event will take place again with lots of news about Minecraft. A big part of the event is the Mob Vote again this year and now the 3 participants for this year are known. We will introduce them briefly.

Minecraft Live 2023 on October 15

This year's Minecraft Live Event will take place next week on Sunday, and we're all eagerly awaiting news about the next Minecraft update and other games in the franchise. And of course, we are also excited to see who will win this year's Mobvote, which will start on October 13. The 3 mobs up for election are now finally known: The crab, the armadillo and the penguin.

Mob #1: The crab

The cute little crab was introduced first and is therefore candidate number 1 for the mobvote. It is at home in mangrove biomes and apart from the fact that it looks quite cute, it is noticeable that it has a rather large pincer. But don't worry, it won't hit you on the head with it, it will lend you a "helping hand". That sounds kind of slightly wrong, but seriously. With the crab's large pincers, you’ll be able to place blocks at a greater distance. This will definitely result in a few useful scenarios for those who create impressive structures.

Whether the crab will have other uses remains to be seen. They are cute to look at in any case.


Mob #2: Armadillo

The armadillo has become the 2nd mob for this year's vote. This cuddly fellow lives in warm areas like the Savannah biome. If you find him there, he can drop scales, which you can then collect to craft armor for your favorite wolf. This way he is better protected against enemy attacks and stays with you longer. Nevertheless, keep an eye on him, because even the best armor won't help against accidental falls into abysses.


Mob #3: Penguin

The last contender for the Mobvote is the penguin, and looking around the community, it's already the absolute favorite for many. The animals, which are very clumsy on land, are great swimmers in the water, and that's where they come in handy for Minecraft players, because when you're sailing near penguins, you're supposed to get a noticeable boost and can thus travel across the water much faster.

Penguins can be found everywhere near the coast, but we'll see if that only applies to icy biomes or all water areas in general. In any case, we often like the penguin very much.


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