This was Minecraft Live 2023 Background

This was Minecraft Live 2023

October 16, 2023
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There goes the big Minecraft event again. Yesterday, Minecraft Live ran across the screens of Minecraft fans and we saw all sorts of news that will soon be integrated into the world of Minecraft. We summarize.

What's next for Minecraft?

Most fans have been curiously waiting for news about the next big Minecraft update. And during the show, some new features were revealed that are supposed to appear in the 1.21 update in the summer of 2024.

The developers describe their update with a focus around combat and crafting and therefore bring a big feature called "Trial Chambers". This is a randomized collection of rooms where you'll be able to take on different challenges, but also find rewards.

Also, new decorative blocks will come into play and copper will get more uses, for example in the form of Copper Bulbs, with which you'll be able to create light in your base completely without torches. You can even dim it to your liking.


There will also be a new mob spawner, the so-called "Trial Spawner", which you will probably find primarily in the "Trial Chambers". It spawns a fixed amount of mobs and then goes on cooldown, which is recognizable by rising smoke. The mobs that spawn depend on how many people are playing on the server, so it's always a challenge to fight them.

Among these mobs you can also find the new mob "The Breeze", a small whirlwind that shoots strong blasts of air pressure and can thus push you far back. So you should pay attention to what's happening around you, so that you don't end up in an abyss or the like due to the impacts.

Finally, the "Crafter Block" was also shown, which automates crafting. You can set a recipe for the block and it will craft it quite automatically when you add the appropriate materials. You can even disable the crafting slots so that the materials are always inserted in the right place.

And we don't have to wait long at all to try out the features for the first time, as the first snapshot should be released in a few weeks already. Until the release of the update next summer, more features are to be revealed piece by piece. We are curious to see what else is waiting for us.

Minecraft Mobvote … and the winner is?

During the live event, the winner of the mob vote was also revealed. With 25.2% the penguin came in last, 32.5% the crab and with 42.3% the armadillo won the vote and will be included in the next big update.


This means that you will soon be able to craft armor for your wolf from the scales dropped by the Armadillo, so that it is better protected against attacks or explosions and can therefore stay by your side longer.

We'll see if the Armadillo gets any other features. But the little rascal is certainly cute.

More updates for Minecraft Legends

Do you like playing Minecraft Legends? Then the developers have also shown new content for you.

A 2nd major update is currently in the works and will of course bring new features in addition to bug fixes. For example, you will be able to pet all(!) animals in the future. There will also be a new frog mount, you will meet a new Piglin enemy, but you will also be able to call new allies like the Witches to your side. The wayfinding of enemies will also be noticeably improved.


A big feature will also be the "Custom Campaigns", that is, campaigns in which you can create your very own rules, such as a very low gravity or more, and make the rounds even more fun and wacky.

When exactly the update will be released hasn't been said yet, but it certainly can't take that long.

Minecraft meets Star Wars

In between all this news, a new Minecraft DLC was announced almost on the side and without much further information, which is set in the ever-popular Star Wars universe.

In the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC you play as a Jedi with your lightsaber in a story set in the Star Wars universe. We can already see a lot in the cool trailer and are excited to try it out.


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