“Abiotic Factor” launches in early access Background

“Abiotic Factor” launches in early access

May 2, 2024
one minute read

Crazy scientists, experiments gone wrong and survival in one game - sounds like a wild mix and from now on you can get the servers for this new survival game from us for “Abiotic Factor”, as always with the best server hardware.

Become a scientist

You've played every role in survival games, but so far you haven't had the chance to be a scientist. But with “Abiotic Factor” you now have the opportunity.

You work at GATE, a global network of research laboratories, and as it happens, an experiment goes wrong and now there are dimensional portals and terrifying monsters roaming the corridors.

As a scientist, it's up to you and your colleagues to fix this problem.

Explore and fight anomalies

Set up your base in the laboratory and prepare for what comes from the other dimensions. Explore new areas of the lab and discover new alien biomes and monsters. Research and experiment with new tools, traps and weapons, have fun with your colleagues and venture into strange worlds. Save yourself and your colleagues.

Start your adventure in “Abiotic Factor” with GPORTAL

At GPORTAL we always strive to bring you the latest games and with “Abiotic Factor” things are about to get really crazy. Aliens, dimensional rifts, mad scientists (that's you), survival, office chair racing and so much more await you in this crazy co-op survival game! And of course, as the market leader, we only provide you with the best servers for your gaming. So, are you ready for your job as a scientist? Get started right away.

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