Reboot for "Battalion Legacy" thanks to Free2Play Background

Reboot for "Battalion Legacy" thanks to Free2Play

August 16, 2022
one minute read

The developers from Bulkhead are re-releasing their shooter "Battalion 1944" as a Free2Play title under the name "Battalion Legacy" and are also bringing along a lot of new features.

Battalion 1944 becomes Battalion Legacy

Now that Battalion 1944 has been running for a few years and has received positive feedback from the shooter community, developer Bulkhead is switching to a Free2Play model with a new name. This makes it super easy to get into the game, so that even more shooter fans can try out the title.

However, the developers also deliver quite a few new features, adjustments and new content for all players.

What's new in Battalion Legacy?

  • Free2Play (what are you waiting for, just jump right in)
  • The British as a new nation
  • New weapons
  • Revised interface, new server browser
  • Private server
  • New game mode: Search & Destroy
  • Several changes, bugfixes, etc. …

Realistic shooter simulation on best GPORTAL servers

You don't know Battalion 1944 or Battalion Legacy, or you haven't played it yet? Then the reboot as a Free2Play title is the best opportunity to catch up.

Getting into the game has never been easier, the new content brings old and new players together, and QoL adjustments make the game even more well-rounded.

Grab your GPORTAL server today, gather your friends and face this shooter simulation. Dismissed.

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