Counter-Strike 2 finally opens its doors Background

Counter-Strike 2 finally opens its doors

September 28, 2023
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Many years ago, Counter-Strike was our first game for which we offered servers and now, quite a few years later, we are starting a new era of the classic shooter with Counter-Strike 2.

A classic in a new look

Almost everyone has played Counter-Strike at some point, and although the title is getting on in years, it is still popular among gamers. So it was all the more surprising when it turned out that Valve is working on a successor, "Counter-Strike 2", which is supposed to give the classic a new look and bring the game into the modern gaming world.

New look

What everyone should notice right away is that the game has been completely overhauled graphically. Everything looks more modern, higher resolution textures, better animations, extremely detailed smoke and fog animations, and better water textures. The game has simply made a visual leap 10 years into the present.

Every map has been more or less adapted and reworked. Some only on a small scale, others have been almost completely rebuilt and given a completely different feel. Old fans and new players both have something to marvel at.

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