Foundry is now available on GPORTAL! Background

Foundry is now available on GPORTAL!

May 2, 2024
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On your GPORTAL Foundry server, you dive into a randomly generated voxel world with the goal of building the ultimate factory. You land on an unexplored planet and design your own automated robot production plant. Your friendly AI friend Carl will help you! Find out what else awaits you in Foundry in this article!

Build where you want

Create your own factory according to your own rules! Build deep underground, in the sky or anywhere in between. Foundry gives you a lot of freedom when building your factory. Grid-based building allows you to precisely control how your factory will look.

When you land on a planet, you can explore it. Travel through mountain ranges, fight your way through the dense jungle, or discover the underground.

Automation as far as the eye can see

If you want to automate your research, Foundry is just the game for you. Whether complex conveyor belt systems, far-reaching transport networks, pipes or lifts from the depths, Foundry covers the entire spectrum. Gradually unlock new and better technologies and take your factory to the next level!

To do this, you start by producing items yourself and collecting the necessary resources. Gradually build your first assembly lines to create a perfect system step by step. Combine shapes and functions as you wish and convert raw materials into robotic products.

Strive for perfection

In your dream factory, bottlenecks are your enemies. Ensure a balance between input and output to maximise your production and manoeuvre your way through the extensive research tree.

Also make sure that your factory is always supplied with enough energy by unlocking new, more efficient energy generators as you progress through the game. Always keep an eye out for new design options to improve the efficiency and appearance of your production facility.

Test Foundry with your friends

Now you know what to expect in Foundry. Grab your friends now and explore exciting planets on your own GPORTAL Foundry server!

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