LEAP - scifi shooter of -the future Background

LEAP - scifi shooter of -the future

June 1, 2022
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Developer Blue Isle Studios ventures into the shooter genre and creates an ultra-fast and crazy shooter with LEAP. Nonstop action from start to finish is guaranteed.

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Fast paced action

Up to 60 players face off simultaneously in this spectacle, fighting for victory on the side of either the United Earth Defense Coalition (UEDC) or the Exo-Terrans Rebels.

In LEAP you can expect:

  • Extremely fast and action-packed battles
  • Several types of weapons with which you can give your opponents hell
  • Different vehicles like hoverboards, rockets and more …
  • Exo-skeletons with different abilities to influence the battle (shield, orbital laser etc. …)
  • Varied maps with challenging terrain

Official announcement trailer

Fight with style

You’ll fight not only for the victory of your faction, but also to sweeten your life with rewards. Fight battles to customize your mercenary by unlocking emojis for the helmet visor, skins for the exo-suit or the vehicles. After all, when you win, you’ll do it in style.

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