Myth of Empires - Build your Empire Background

Myth of Empires - Build your Empire

February 19, 2024
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Myth of Empires, an MMO sandbox survival game from developer "Angela Game" is set in a medieval-inspired world and is finally leaving Early Access. Leaving Early Access means lots of new content such as a completely new map and much more.

An unknown land that wants to be conquered

With the release of 1.0, you can not only explore the huge original map, but also conquer the new "Dongzhou" map for yourself. Create your settlement, gather your people around you and expand your territory. Fight against other players or NPCs and become a feared warlord or lead a peaceful reign. The choice is yours, but cooperation with your fellow players always plays a key role.

New features in Myth of Empires 1.0

  • Mod support
  • Completely new map "Dongzhou"
  • New skills
  • New bosses (and reworked AI)
  • New tools, new defenses and much more
  • A new horse racing mode
  • Battleships
  • New farming system
  • And much more ...

Get your Myth of Empires server at GPORTAL

Building an entire empire on your own can be a big undertaking. So grab your friends and build it together. Are you ready to become the emperor of an empire? Then grab your GPORTAL server for Myth of Empires and play the new content with version 1.0.

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