We're finally going back in “The Forest” Background

We're finally going back in “The Forest”

February 24, 2023
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After many years of waiting, developer Endnight Games released "Sons of the Forest" in Early Access - the sequel to the horror-survival masterpiece "The Forest" …

Want to spend a vacation in paradise?

It's so beautiful, a gorgeous island with sandy beach, crystal clear water and a dense forest with extensive hiking trails. Oh and did we mention the nice neighbors? Really great people, if only they weren't so violent and had a special fondness for human flesh.


Virginia and Kelvin - Never Alone Again

Fans of "The Forest" will recognize the scenario. Alone on a sprawling island and no one there to spend time with. But don't worry, everything is different in "Sons of the Forest". Our comrade "Kelvin" also survives the crash of our helicopter. Admittedly, he was quite damaged in the process, but nevertheless he stands by us faithfully and takes care of all sorts of tasks that we can give him.

And it doesn't take long until we catch sight of another person whose attention we have attracted: "Virginia", a woman with 3 legs and 3 arms, who keeps appearing on the horizon and cautiously stalks us, but also disappears again just as quickly.

waferfall virginia

Building system for creative minds

Endnight Games has massively expanded the building system compared to its predecessor and made it much more intuitive. Fans of the old system can still use it and fill in the blueprints with the materials. However, if you want to get creative and build completely custom buildings, you should try the new system. You can design everything yourself, log by log. The logs can even be chopped into different sizes to allow for even more variations in building.


What's going on here?

But the question remains, why are we here? Where were we headed when we were in the helicopter? What will we find on the island? Many questions to which we currently have no answers (yet). We will have to explore the island extensively to find them eventually. Fans of "The Forest" know that even the most inconspicuous island can hide much more than meets the eye. In any case, we're really looking forward to the story.

skull club

Server when?

But now some serious talk! When will there be GPORTAL servers for "Sons of the Forest"? Unfortunately we can't give you an exact answer at the moment. We are working hard to provide servers for this new adventure, but currently there are still a few hurdles to overcome. As soon as we have news, we will share it here via news or on our socials. So always keep an eye open.


You've never heard of "Sons of the Forest" and its predecessor "The Forest"?

What? Really? That can't be right. We definitely recommend you play "The Forest" before diving into "Sons of the Forest". You'll get a good taste of the sequel and the stories of both games build on each other, so you can enjoy the sequel even more if you have some background knowledge from the first game.

AND of course we offer servers for "The Forest". So if you still need one, don't hesitate and start your vacation in "The Forest" today.