Are you ready for "The Front"? Background

Are you ready for "The Front"?

October 11, 2023
one minute read

The developers of Samar Studio present their first game, a sandbox survival title in which you can advance from the simplest survival beginnings with spear and bow to tank and helicopter. And now you can play it on GPORTAL servers.

Save mankind

After humanity has been driven to the edge, you are chosen to travel back in time and stop the events that led to it.

Launch into this survival sandbox adventure and discover a vast and vibrant game world. You can expect:

  • An approximately 36km² map with different biomes
  • Dynamic day-night cycle with living ecosystem
  • Start simple with spear and bow and evolve to tank, helicopter and more
  • Build complex bases and defend them with traps and obstacles (tower defense style)
  • Intense and varied battles and gunfights for bases
  • Discover and learn over 400 blueprints for new technologies
  • And more …

Play "The Front" now on GPORTAL servers

From now on you can play "The Front" on our premium GPORTAL servers. Grab your friends and plunge into a new sandbox survival adventure with the goal of leading humanity into a better future.

Rent your The Front server now at GPORTAL