V Rising - Become a mighty vampire Background

V Rising - Become a mighty vampire

April 27, 2022
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You've played many survival games and are a master of the genre? Then face a new challenge in V Rising, the new game from developer Stunlock Studios, in which you awaken from the coffin and you can become the villainous vampire of your dreams.

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Get out of your coffin and conquer a Gothic Open-World

Survival and vampires, a combination perfect for one another. That’s what the developers from Stunlock Studios thought, too, and opened up a medieval world full of dangers, supernatural beasts, holy humans and way too much sunshine. Therefore, use the day and night cycle in your favor to become the apex predator of Vardoran. Build a castle, raid nearby villages and challenge the mighty monsters and humans of this world.

V Rising Gameplay-Trailer


The following features (and more) await you in V Rising:

  • A gloomy and diverse setting in a Gothic Open-World
  • Secrets, supernatural monsters and a lot of humans to sink your teeth into
  • Fresh mix of survival and action RPG elements
  • Create your own castle
  • Play alone or join forces with other vampires
  • Challenging boss fights
  • Different weapons, magic and vampire abilities to customize your playstyle

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