Halloween Ingame Events and GPORTAL Sale Background

Halloween Ingame Events and GPORTAL Sale

October 27, 2021
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We have a treat right at the start, 25% off all new GPORTAL Gameclouds from 10/27/2021 to 11/02/2021. So would you like to play ARK: Fear Evolved 5 or one of the other cool Halloween events we're featuring below, or would you rather host your own little Halloween event in Minecraft? Whatever you choose, we'll get you through the pumpkin season.

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All Halloween ingame events 2021 at a glance

Ark: Survival Evolved (ARK: Fear Evolved 5)

Let’s start our Halloween journey with the “Ark: Fear Evolved” event, which takes place for the 5th time this year. The event first brings you massively increased XP rates, which is always a great thing. But let’s get straight to the real horror of the event – the DodoRex and DodoWyvern. Two bosses you definitely want to seek out and kill, as they can drop new Event Chibis, such as “The Witchting Owl” or “Ghost Rex”. Of course, there are also heaps of dangerous monsters, creepy ghosts and sugar-sweet zombie dodos roaming through the undergrowth. We wish you a scary hunt and a great loot!

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Don’t Starve Together (Hallowed Nights)

“Don’t Starve Together” has a whole new set of costumes for the spooky season. First, everyone gets a one-time “trick-or-treat” box as a bonus for logging in. You’re guaranteed to find a spooky cosmetic item in it. In addition, you can trade in surplus rare items for more “trick-or-treat” boxes at the Trade Inn, so you can fill your closet even more. What am I going to wear to the Halloween party?

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Valheim (Halloween-Update 0.203.10)

Halloween is also celebrated among the Vikings … Well, at least a little bit. With the patch 0.203.10 some balance changes for weapons, knives and food came into the game. In addition, you have the possibility to craft a “Jack-o-Turnip” suitable for the spooky season. For this you need 4 turnips, 2 resin and a workbench. Then you can place these spooky glowing turnip lamps everywhere and make your home look a little spookier. Maybe you’ll scare off some nasty monsters…or maybe not.

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Should you miss out on Halloween in the apocalypse? Of course not! That’s why there’s a nice little Halloween event in DayZ, too. In the game world, you will be able to discover new, thematically fitting locations, where you will of course also find Halloween loot. And as soon as you manage to grab some of it, send the developers a scary-beautiful proof on their social channels under the hashtag #SpookyZscreenshot.

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Terraria (Seasonal Halloween Event)

Halloween is everywhere, including the adventure world of Terraria. During the current Halloween season, many monsters dress up in various costumes to scare you… or just to attack you deviously. So don’t be fooled. In addition, there are “goodie bags” to be found, which will provide you with a selection of decorative Halloween-themed items. Oh, and recently a supposed crossover with “Don’t Starve” was teased. So this could also get interesting soon … The eye of Cthulhu is watching you …

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Pirates are scary enough, you say? Nonsense! Even the most ghastly pirate can always go one step further. To make it work with the scary mood, the ports have been designed a little more bone-chilling for Halloween. You’ll find lots of grim looking pumpkins, scarecrows and other decorations there. You should also head out to loot some shipwrecks. With a little luck, you’ll find some “Jack O’Lanterns” there, which can then be consumed, giving you a selection of cosmetic items and other Halloween items. It is also rumored that there is a “Mysterious Diary” to be found. Have you grabbed it yet?

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Hardcore and fun can’t be combined? Well, you bet it can. The hardcore multiplayer shooter Deadside also wants to sweeten your gaming experience with a Halloween event for the current spooky season. In the process of the Halloween update, you will be able to visit a new location on the map, where you can fight and loot. In addition, developer Bad Pixel presents you with a time-exclusive Halloween event in which you can pick up two stylish weapon skins, which are of course themed around Halloween. With them, you can scare the hell out of your opponents.

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Many more …

Your favorite title wasn’t there? That doesn’t have to mean that there won’t be a Halloween event. Many other games also offer big and small Halloween treats, so it can’t hurt to take a look and with our 25% Halloween Sale it will also be very favorable. Have a few scary hours on spooky Halloween.

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