Minecraft server rent - revamped Background

Minecraft server rent - revamped

November 5, 2021
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Over the last few weeks, everyone has been working hard behind the scenes on a project and now it's finally done. We can show you the result of the hard work ... We present our new, completely revised offer for Minecraft.

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First, the most important changes in quick form:

  • RAM order model + unbeatable prices
  • Unlimited amount of slots
  • 250+ modpacks, including RAM recommendation, can be ordered directly on the landing page
  • Modpack is installed immediately on your server after ordering
  • FAQs and Gallery give you even more insight

Goodbye Slots – Welcome RAM

The biggest change you can expect is the fact that we’ve said goodbye to the slot model in Minecraft and from now on prices will be calculated on a RAM basis. So it depends on what modpacks you want to load on your server. This also means that from now on you can play with as many people on your server as you want. No more limits. You can invite ANY friend, family member, etc. and start playing.

As part of this change, our Minecraft landing page also underwent a general overhaul and now offers more features, also specially adapted to the new system.

We now offer Modpacks to Go

We are very proud of our new mod viewer. Here you can directly choose your favorite modpack and your server plan will automatically adjust to the amount of RAM you need. You also get information about the modpack when ordering, so you know what its content is and whether it fits you.

The advantage of this system is that you will never again start with too little RAM and your gaming experience will always be buttery smooth. Of course, you can still independently change the amount of RAM during the ordering process, just the way you want it. And the best thing is that the mods you choose are already pre-installed on your server. So you don’t have to do anything else and can start right away.

We wish you a lot of fun with our new Minecraft landing page. Choose your RAM plan for your favorite modpack today or go vanilla and get started!

Rent Minecraft server