Sons of the Forest - Holiday in horror paradise Background

Sons of the Forest - Holiday in horror paradise

June 23, 2023
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Finally, the time has come and once again we travel to an island where we fight for our survival. Endnight Games brings Sons of the Forest, the highly anticipated sequel to the fan-favorite The Forest.

Survival horror at its best!

When Endnight Games launched "The Forest" in Early Access many years ago, there was immediately a huge fan community that has only grown over the years. Now we finally return to an island, with many new secrets and dangers - and this time in multiplayer already at release!

In addition to many familiar gameplay elements, there are also completely new systems and ideas, such as a seasonal system, as well as a dynamic day-and-night change, which you already know from The Forest.

During the day we roam the forest, looking for materials to build our shelter. At night, we protect ourselves against the monsters in the forest. If we survive, we can go in search of secrets again the next day.

Another new feature is that we can meet companions who can help us with everyday tasks like collecting raw materials or fighting enemies. Different companions also have different abilities.

The building system has also been reworked from the ground up and, in addition to the old blueprint system, now offers a version in which players have significantly more freedom in designing their buildings. Anchor points have to be chosen manually, which is why it is possible to give a building a very individual touch.

Quick facts

  • Continuation of the story from The Forest
  • Many mysteries to discover
  • Graphically a feast for the eyes
  • A map about 4x as big as in the predecessor
  • Seasons change the game world
  • More (fire)weapons
  • Different companions
  • New building system
  • Already 7 content updates with new structures, weapons, monsters and much more

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