Conan Exiles "Age of War" enters the 4th round Background

Conan Exiles "Age of War" enters the 4th round

April 2, 2024
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We have three chapters already behind us and on April 2nd the finale for "Age of War" will be released with new content and many improvements for a worthy conclusion.

The future of the ages

Right at the beginning of their dev stream for the fourth chapter of "Age of War", the developers talked a little about how they will continue with the ages in the future. They said that all future ages will most likely have 4 chapters each, as this will make it easier to prepare the content and implement it accordingly. However, changes to the plan may of course still occur.

What does chapter 4 of “Age of War” bring?

  • "Season event": Secret Hunt, which could be reactivated again and again in the future
  • Survive raids and collect "teeth", which you can exchange for new recipes
  • Keep an eye out for large green rays of light on the horizon
  • Fatalities
  • New Purge Encounters
  • Revised follower controls
  • Many "Quality of Life" improvements
  • New content for the Bazaar and of course a brand new Battlepass
  • And more …

Become part of the finale of Conan Exiles "Age of War" on your GPORTAL server

It's not too late to take up arms and take part in the finale for the current age. Polish your weapons and armor and jump right into the new content of Chapter 4 and prepare for what's in store for you in the next age, as always with the best GPORTAL hardware.