„Underground Assault“ Update for RUST CE Background

„Underground Assault“ Update for RUST CE

February 29, 2024
one minute read

2023 was a great year for RUST Console Edition and 2024 continues with lots of content and features. The "Underground Assault" update is here and we take a look.

What's new?

One of the community's biggest wishes is for new points of interest (monuments) that can be explored, and that's exactly what the developers at DoubleEleven are delivering with the "Military Tunnels". We are already looking forward to running through this new monument for the first time and discovering all its secrets.

There will also be new weapons: the Prototype 17 pistols, the Handmade LMG and the M4 shotgun as well as new gadgets such as night vision goggles. We are very confident that these will be invaluable in the dark tunnels of the new Monument.

But that's not all, of course. There will be so many more improvements, quality of life updates and bug fixes that will make RUST CE an even better game.

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