Smalland leaves Early Access Background

Smalland leaves Early Access

February 15, 2024
one minute read

The developers at Merge Games are releasing version 1.0 of their survival adventure Smalland, adding a lot of new content to the game and bringing Smalland to consoles at the same time.

Content update #4 (V1.0) for Smalland

We've been having fun in Smalland's Early Access for a long time, fighting all kinds of bugs and creating our dream tree house, but with 1.0 there are a lot of new things coming to the game. We'll give you a brief overview:

  • The story of Smalland comes to an end
  • New world events
  • Factions with their associated rewards
  • A revised tutorial for all newcomers to the game
  • New areas
  • And much more …

Smalland is coming to consoles

Together with the 1.0 release, Smalland is now also available on Xbox and Playstation consoles. So if you haven't dived into this world yet, you now have the opportunity, regardless of which platform you play on, and with Content Update #4 you get the complete package. So what are you waiting for?

Get your Smalland Server at GPORTAL

If you want to see the little creepy-crawlies from a new perspective and create your little house in the treetops as a tiny creature, then gather your friends and get started right away on your GPORTAL server. A wondrous world awaits you.