Update 6 arrives in Satisfactory Background

Update 6 arrives in Satisfactory

September 23, 2022
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In June 2022, Update 6 was launched on the Experimental Build and now the developers from Coffee Stain Studios are finally bringing the update to the live version of the game. We summarize the most important new features once again.

At the core is the exploration

With Update 6, the developers want to revise the update policy a bit and focus on things that effectively advance the game's Early Access status towards version 1.0. The current update focuses primarily on the exploration and discovery of the game world and brings some adjustments in this area.

A beautiful new world

A highlight is certainly the new biome "Spire Coast" with its coral reefs and waterfalls. A welcome visual change from the previous biomes. A facelift for the swamp biome is also included, as well as adjustments to the game's skybox.

Of course, the patch notes are much longer and offer far more features, all of which simply add to the gameplay experience in Satisfactory and clear the way for more customizations in the future.

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