Outlaws of the Old West servers are available now at GPORTAL Background

Outlaws of the Old West servers are available now at GPORTAL

March 7, 2019
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The pungent aroma of black powder is in the air! As an outlaw, you must survive the vast wilderness and tame the Wild West in "Outlaws of the Old West".

Outlaws of the Old West is a new survival MMO where you can travel its vast landscape marked by different climatic zones and constant weather changes. You can choose your method of travel; a horse, a covered wagon or simply walk.
Survive the harsh climate, changing temperatures, day-to-night cycles, the demands will be a challenge. The landscape offers Deserts with giant cacti, wide open grasslands where the buffalo roam and snowy mountain terrains. The wildlife is plentiful because you will have to eat regularly; so, do the bears and wolves which are a life-threatening danger to you. Use arrows, bullets or one of the dozens of weapons and ammunition types that can be crafted to hunt or repel unwanted guests.

To survive the wilderness, bandits and dangerous wildlife you want to build a suitable home as soon as possible.  There’s a variety of resources and associated tools for quarrying stone and chopping wood. Build a cabin in the forest or a ranch for yourself and your gang. The possibilities are unlimited. You can choose a suitable place freely according to your preferences and there are no limits to your building project. The modular system helps you to build a building exactly according to your wishes.

You can trade goods that you no longer need or that you have in abundance in department stores, but watch out who you do business with, in the Wild West! The experience you gain in the game will make you the toughest opponent in the whole area, step by step. Don’t wait any longer and start your own adventure in the Wild West with GPORTAL today.