Huge Palworld: "Sakurajima" update + Xbox Server Background

Huge Palworld: "Sakurajima" update + Xbox Server

June 27, 2024
one minute read

Pocketpair delivers the huge new content update with the cozy name "Sakurajima", which already hints at where the journey will take us this time. With your GPORTAL server, you can get started right away.

The "Sakurajima" update takes you to new areas

If you've seen the trailer for the Summer Game Fest, then you already know where the new Sakurajima update will take you: namely to a beautiful Asian cherry blossom biome and a rather swampy biome.

And on top of that, you can also visit an oil platform where supposedly bad guys have gathered, and you can now give them a good thrashing.

Many new (old) pals

Of course, there will also be lots of new Pals to collect. From a cute mushroom head, to a frog with karate skills, a knight Pal and many more, there is a lot to choose from. But old community favorites are also getting new subspecies. For example, you can see a fire version of Katress and a shadow version of Wixen in the trailer.

Play the Palworld "Sakurajima" update now on your GPORTAL server (for PC and Xbox)

You can now find out what new Pals and other content there is to discover in the Sakurajima update on your GPORTAL server, no matter if you play on PC or Xbox. GPORTAL offers you unrivaled servers in terms of performance and reliability, so you can have fun with your friends or your community. Grab your server now and get started right away.