Raids are coming for Palworld Background

Raids are coming for Palworld

March 18, 2024
one minute read

Developer Pocketpair has teased on Twitter that the first raid for Palworld will be available very soon, bringing a new powerful Pal to the game world, among other things.

You don't know Palworld yet?

Did the Palworld hype pass you by? Then you really missed out. By now, (almost) everyone has probably played Palworld. An interesting mix of classic survival, together with a monster-catching system and some automation mechanics.

And this mix took the world by storm at the end of January and even now there are still hundreds of thousands of players on the servers at the same time. Of course, new content comes at just the right time.

What are raids?

We don't yet know exactly what the raids will look like in the end, but compared to other games that offer raids, we can assume that this content is particularly suitable for several players who want to tackle a challenge together.

The teaser on Twitter also shows a powerful new Pal "Bellanoir", which we will most likely encounter and be able to catch in the end.


So if you're looking for a challenge with your friends, the new raid might be just what you're looking for.

We'll have to wait and see what else is coming to the game along with the raid, but the developers at Pocketpair are sure to show us more teasers.

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