Pantropy server are available at GPORTAL now Background

Pantropy server are available at GPORTAL now

January 29, 2019
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Pantropy - the science fiction MMO by Brain Stone Games is ready for you. Do not wait long and start building your own Mechs. Because only then, you can assert yourself in the game.

In Pantropy you have the ability to build mechs, complete missions and destroy enemies. All this is not possible without raw materials. Embark in the sprawling game world and find your resources together. But be careful! Not only other players will meet you, but also many enemies that will make your life difficult. In total there are three factions, two are led by players and the third faction consists of NPCs. In combat, PvE and PvP are mixed together. To have space for your faction, you must conquer territories and expand your fortress. Pantropy even offers vehicles for which you need a whole crew.​

Pantropy offers numerous biomes to conquer, a large selection of weapons and highly customizable bases. Qualified FPS gameplay means you have to react quickly to enemy attacks. Acquired a taste? Get your own Pantropy server from GPORTAL.