Valheim Ashlands Public Test Background

Valheim Ashlands Public Test

April 22, 2024
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Valheim has published the public test for the Ashlands update. We'll tell you what the update contains in a moment, at least roughly. Before that, you need to know that the update may be unstable, as it is a test. The purpose of these tests is to identify and fix potential bugs and problems before the official release.

To access the beta version, right-click on Valheim in Steam and then click on "Properties". Now go to the Betas tab and enter the code "yesimadebackups" to access the trial version.

To access with Microsoft / PC Game Pass, start the Xbox Insider Hub app. Navigate to "Previews" and then search for "Valheim Public Test". Then select "Join". Then wait until registration is complete to be redirected to the Store and then install "Valheim Public Test".

Now that you know how to join the test, here is a brief summary of the patch notes. For a complete list (spoiler warning), click here!

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

New content:
New Biome – Ashlands:

  • 30+ New weapons
  • New bombs and ammunitions
  • 3 New armour sets
  • 2 New capes
  • 10+ New creatures
  • 70+ New buildable items
  • 5 New crafting station upgrades
  • 30+ New crafting materials
  • 15+ New food items and potions
  • New locations
  • New music
  • New events
  • New mechanics

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed Mead materials
  • Standardized texts throughout the game

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